I See Obstacles Ahead

Interactive Sound Sculpture, 2018

Lily Hunter Green’s I See Obstacles Ahead sound sculpture reflects on the sensory ecology and symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers, and likewise the parallels between insect and human communication.

In the same way that honeybees use a sophisticated communication system, or ‘secret language’, to seduce the flowers into releasing their pollen, the Victorians used floral bouquets known as ‘talking bouquets’, or tussie-mussies, to express feelings that could not be spoken in public. A tussie-mussie, for example, that combined lavender with mint and herbs represented ‘love and strong commitment’, while one containing Culver’s root identified ‘obstacles ahead’.

I See Obstacles Ahead, with its crisp white shirt and pocketful of posies, gestures to the looming global challenges ahead as the symbiotic relationship and communication between bees and flowers is catastrophically compromised by climate change.

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