Composed is an interactive audio-visual installation that has evolved out of my earlier work ‘Decomposed.’ The installation seeks to make new compositional connections between art and nature by adapting and placing a redundant piano in a rural landscape located within a high conservation habitat.

Following my residency at White House Farm in Great Glemham, Suffolk earlier this year, I have been using a variety of digital media to capture and then document the metamorphic process of decay that has taken place both within the body of the piano itself and to its external skin; also, the ways in which the piano’s new inhabitants, including a variety of animals, insects and birds, have interacted with the instrument. Within the next few months it is my intention to connect up ‘Composed’ to a webcam, thereby enabling viewers to observe the process remotely along the lines of the BBC’s Spring Watch.

Aside from developing the interactive visual element of ‘Composed’, I additionally have been recording all of the new intricate sounds and acoustics that have resonated through the piano and its surroundings. These have formed part of a new improvisational, classical piano piece ‘Composed’, which was premiered at the Alde Valley Spring Festival in May 2014.