Bee Composed Live

Following a residency with Aldeburgh Music, this project seeks to develop my previous installation ‘Bee-Composed’ with a view to creating a live performance piece that combines music, dance and original audio visual compositions.

My original project involved adapting two redundant pianos: Piano 1 into a working bee-hive, from which I harvested audio and visual recordings; Piano 2 into a sculptural installation, which was located on the Henry Moore Lawn at Snape Maltings, and which ‘played back’ the original compositions to live audiences and included a live feed to Piano 1.

I now seek to work in collaboration with a professional choreographer Adrienne Hart, 3 dancers and 1 string musician. Together we will explore the creative possibilities of adapting ‘Bee-Composed’ into a multi-layered, multi-dimensional audio-visual experience. Thereby continuing to raise the awareness of bee-ecology and conservation, while also facilitating the development of my own creative practice.

I will work with my creative partners to devise a future performance piece over a period of three days. This will culminate in a public workshop, which will take place in one of the studios at Aldeburgh Music, the original home of ‘Bee-Composed’. The public workshop will enable us to explore the creative possibilities and also to receive feedback from a live audience.