Sea Change

‘I long to hear the story of your life, which must captivate the ears strangely’

Sea Change is an interactive, multi-layered site-specific work that weaves extracts from Shakespeare’s canonical The Tempest with the words of a man who having left his family and home – his village – in Syria, to build a new life in the UK. It challenges the insidious fear of the outsider, and gestures towards a brave new world of connectivity, conversation and community.

A Felixstowe Book Festival commission, Sea Change is located at Landguard Fort, a historic building poignantly located on the doorstep of Europe’s largest container port. The Fort marks the site of the last opposed seaborne invasion of England in 1667 and the first land battle of the Royal Marines. By creating a new metamorphic space that will welcome, embrace and celebrate the arrival of Felixstowe’s new communities, the artist seeks to re-appropriate and subvert the Fort’s own historic narrative as the protector of English borderlands and the bastion of cultural stasis.